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Installing [Suse 10.0 and Mandrake 10.1] on [Acer 3614 WLMi]

Last updated: [09-01-2006]

General Hardware Specifications of [Laptop]:

Hardware Components
Status under Linux
Intel Celeron M 380 1.6Ghz
Works No special procedure required during installation.
15.4 WXGA CrystalBrite TFT LCD
Works Select  AUO AUO Monitor  1024 x 768 (XGA) 16.7 Mi0. [24 Bit] Display in Installer
Intel 915 GM with 3D Accell
Works Be sure to tick Activate 3D Acceleration
1024MB, DDR2
Works No special procedure required during installation
80 GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive Works No special procedure required during installation
Modular Floppy Drive Not Installed
Not Installed
Integrated Realtek 8139 Network Card Works No special procedure required during installation
AMBIT Microsystem Ethernet controller using Atheros 5212 chipset
This requires post installation configuration. Instructions below
Internal 56k Modem Doesn't Work Winmodem unlikely to work.
Dual Layer DVD + RW Drive
Works No special procedure required during installation
 Lithium-Ion Battery Works No special procedure required during installation
Intel AC97 onboard Sound Card Works

No special procedure required during installation

This laptop is operating under Kernel version [Suse 10.0 2.6.13-15-default]

Basic Installation of [Suse 10.0 OSS]:

Getting things working :-

Onboard Wireless

The Acer 3614WLMI uses the Atheros 5212 Chip to provide 802.11 wireless. This is not directly supported by SuSe 10 as the required Kernel Module is non GPL. You therefore need to install the kernel-default-nongpl package to get it working

The installation DVD that I was using did not come with the default-kernel-nongpl extras on it so I had to add the following package repositories into YaST.

Opensuse provides instructions on how to do this at

With the above package installed

kdenetwork3-wireless, this will allow you to control your wireless connection from KDE (I am sure there are others but this is what I used)

Configure the Wireless card correctly through YaST.

Use YAST > Network Devices > Netwrok Card > Edit > AMBIT Microsystem Ethernet > Advanced > Hardware Details.
add ath_pci into the Module Name.

Now Getting DVD, MP3, Windows Media and all that working. there is a really great set of instructions on this here.

Unresolved issues
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