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Installing [Mandriva 2006] on [ASUS & A3H]

Last updated: [8 March 2006]

General Hardware Specifications of [ASUS A3H]:

Hardware Components
Status under Linux
Pentium M Processor, 1.6 GHz Works Works
15" SXGA+ TFT Display Works Select Generic LCD Display in Installer, suprisingly only does 1024x768
Onboard i915 Works Use i810 or vesa driver, VESA framebuffer
Webcam Does not work There is now way to get this working
Harddrive Works with DMA enabled Works out of the box
USB Works Work OTTB
Integrated Network Card Works Works OTOB with reaktek 8139too driver
Internal 56k Modem Doesn't Work Might be able to get it to work with the linmodem hsf drivers, but looks doubtful, they installed form me but will not dial.  The full speed drivers will set you back US$19.95.  You milage may vary.
DVD ROM drive Works Works
AIRFORCE ONE Works Needed to use NDIS wrapper and windows xp drivers
Keyboard Works mostly Cannot get multimedia (fn + Fkey) keys to work, display brightness works, volume controls do not even sent an event to XEV or the kernel
Trackpad Works Works
ACPI Does not work Will not start up once put to sleep
Frequency scaling Does not work Will not work
Inbuilt Sound Works Mostly Works with ALSA, although pluggin in headphones does not work, good luck
Card Reader Not Tested Also looks doubtful, as it is not recognised at boot or in lspci.

This laptop is operating (just) under Kernel version 2.6.12

Basic Installation of [Linux Distribution]:
Unresolved issues
Configuration Files