Installing Fedora Core 5 on Dell 600m

Last updated: 7/25/2006

General Hardware Specifications of Dell 600m:

Hardware Components
Status under Linux
Pentium M 1.8 GHZ
Works No special procedure required during installation. 
Dell 1400x1050 Laptop Display
Works No special procedure required during installation. 
ATI Radeo R250 Video Card
Works No special procedure required during installation.  Go to System -> Administration -> Display to configure resolution.
Integrated Network Card Works No special procedure required during installation
Internal 56k Modem Unknown, I haven't tried it yet

CD-ROM Drive Works No special procedure required during installation
Intel IPW2200 B/G Wireless network adaptor
Works with minor configuration
1. Download the firmware
2. Install firmware
3. Reboot computer
(See below)
 Battery Works No special procedure required during installation
Sound Card

No special procedure required.  Go to System->Preferences->Volume Control to adjust volume settings

This laptop is operating under Kernel version 2.6.15-1.2054_FC5

Basic Installation of Fedora Core 5
Setting up additional features for Fedora Core 5

Configuring Intel Wireless Card

By default the wireless card does not come configured.  Here are the steps to go through to get your card to work.

  1. Get the firmware from I downloaded the version 2.4 firmware.  (Note: I notice before I used the 2.2 version and had great success with it under Fedora 4, if you have any trouble you may try getting the 2.2 version and doing the same stuff, I tried the 3.0 and it didn't work).  Start your terminal by going to Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal.
[rob@localhost Desktop]$ tar -xvzf ipw2200-fw-2.4.gz
[rob@localhost Desktop]$ su
[root@localhost Desktop]# mv *.fw /lib/firmware/
[root@localhost Desktop]# /sbin/modprobe -r ipw2200
[root@localhost Desktop]# /sbin/modprobe ipw2200
[root@localhost Desktop]# reboot

2.  I copied the below from here and it worked for me!

"Now you need to store the information for your wireless connection:
  1. Goto System -> Administration -> Network
  2. Click New
  3. Choose Wireless connection and click Forward
  4. Select your wireless card - if the only option in this window is 'Other Wireless Card', your card is not detected proberly, and you must cancel and figure out what is wrong. If you see your wireless card, select it and click Forward
  5. In the Mode field choose Auto
  6. In Network name (SSID) select Specified and write the ESSID
  7. Channel, Transmit rate and Key must reflect the information you have about your accesspoint from the scan list. Remember to ad 0x in front of the key, if it's in hexadecimal notation.
  8. Press Forward and make any changes needed for network settings. Chances are that you don't need to change anything.
  9. Press Forward and then Apply
  10. Select your newly created connection in the list, and press Edit. Put a checkmark in
    Activate device when computer starts
    Allow all users to enable and disable the device

    ... then click OK
  11. Save your settings by choosing File -> Save
You should now be able to connect by selecting the wireless connection in the list, and press Activate"

Ok, so that is what I did to get my wireless working.  If you have any problems you may try that link I suggested earlier.
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